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Anie Darling, Sam Bourne – Have A Taste

Anie Darling, Sam Bourne – Have A Taste 

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There is always room for romance, as Sam Bourne proves when he prepares a nice meal for Anie Darling. They have a few bites, but Annie can’t take her eyes off Sam. It’s clear what you want, and Sam isn’t foolish enough to deny it.

With Annie’s guidance at the table, Sam slips her miniskirt off to reveal that she’s not wearing any underwear. He just knows what to do. Leaning forward, Sam opens his mouth and begins to lick. Annie’s pussy is nice and wet, and provides plenty of musky delight for Sam to enjoy as dessert.

Annie rushes out of her dress and lies on her stomach on the table. This puts her at the perfect height to pull Sam’s hardon out of his pants and wrap her hand around the root. You pull it close, you start sucking. She kept it at the level of her heart, enjoying every cloud of silk steel to heal the poison. Annie rolled onto her back, opening her legs to welcome Sam inside.

Now that they’ve started to have sex, Annie has given everything to Sam. Get up from the table and bend forward to support it. Sam waits for Anie to arrive at her location before re-entering her from behind. He slides balls deep, listening to music moaning for his blows.

Next, Sam takes a seat in the chair and lets Annie lead the way to her orgasmic delight. She sinks into an erection, her bald pussy impaled. Annie jumps slowly, gradually increasing her speed until she is riding super fast. When Annie is finally 

Anie Darling
Anie Darling, Sam Bourne – Have A Taste