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When Kate Mercer married and her adopted daughter, Natalie Knight, moved in with her new stepson, Hispanic Ricky, she didn’t expect the two children to outdo her so well. Kate has always suspected there was something between Natalie and Ricky, but when Natalie confronts her daughter she denies it all. Later, Natalie tells Ricky that they need to quit having sex with them because her mother works for them. The whole family takes time to get dressed up in their themed clothes, which is the time when things are happy.

Dressed as fairies, Kate takes the time to let her hands roam wherever possible. She rubs her needy clitoris and pushes her fingers into her chest, but that still isn’t enough to satisfy her. When Ricky encounters Kate in the living room and thinks this is his fault, he doesn’t ask before he gets his hands on that ass. Ricky spreads cheeks. Kate didn’t tell Ricky to stop or there was confusion since she initially thought he was her husband. When you realize the problem, you feel good about stopping. All that broth until Natalie walks in and says she’s going to tell Dad!

Kate doesn’t want it, so she bundles Natalie into a group of three. Mother and daughter tie together the tongue that powers the Reiki engine. Then Ricky finally gets to wet his cock in Natalie’s twat while Natalie is basking in Mommy’s pussy. Kate rides on tough Ricky as Natalie licks and sucks her big breasts and hard nipples. In the end, Natalie lies down and lets Ricky Kate rides on her face xnxx llc

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