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Alex Mack loves his new stepmom Skylar Snow very much. It doesn’t help that Skyler is closer in age to Alex than her father is.

You should go out with him instead! When Alex was injured in the groin, he asked Skyler to help him bandage the wound. There is the double benefit of loving attention in addition to the beautiful sight of the stepmom’s huge tits and big ass. For now, Alex is fine, but he’s about to get a lot from his stepmom.

Later, Skyler comes to Alex’s room to check on his injury. Hot Mom, she wears revealing clothing, so when Skyler offers to kiss the cut to make it even better,

all Alex can say is yes. Skyler can see the size of the bulge in Alex’s pants, so she decides to walk over to him and take that beautiful cock for Hot Mom. She leans over and asks her stepson to kiss her mother on her lips 

She then opens her robe and continues to instruct Alex.

telling him that her mother’s breasts also need attention.

Alex doesn’t want to have sex with her dad, but he loves her stepmom.

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so much that when Skyler lays on her bed and spreads her thighs, he responds. to her request to feed on the juicy naked husband.

Always willing to give her best, Skylar Hardon takes Alex in her mouth to XNXX MOM off and hurry up. She then joins her breasts to offer a good fuck.

There is no doubt that Skyler wants that cock inside her, and since she has Alex on her back, she is already in a position of power. Skyler swings a leg around Alex’s waist, slides over her cock and begins rocking her hips in a ride that leaves her tits quivering and her head happy.

Completely under the influence of her stepmother, Alex succumbs to her desire to playfully have sex with her. As Skyler rolls onto her back.

Hot Mom
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